Mould Components

How important the mechanical components industry, including mold and standardized elements, is to us, you will discover it by putting us to the test! In this field experience and reliability on the market, thanks also to the long-term relationships with Italian manufacturers of standardized elements, support our strong vocation in suppliying mechanical mold makers and users throughout Italy. We have a large assortment of cylindrical or countersunk head punches and ejector pins made of the most varied materials, columns with one or two diameters, cylindrical pins with and without thraded hole, bushes DIN 172 and DIN 179, bushes with collar, springs for molds, Vulkollan and polyurethan springs, paste and resin-based formulas, copper tubolar electodes, electrolytic copper, eye bolts and eye nuts, plus a series of accessories dedicated to that part of our customers who differentiate for precise and accurate metal processing. Our standardized elements for dies are all made in Italy or Germany and we are proud of it. Do you use these products? Ask us for a quote as soon as possible!

Mould Components
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