Company Profile

I have worked endlessly to conceive a company profile that could go far beyond those usual and boring presentations that you often find on businesses' home pages, that look more like lists of ideas conceived by the company's entrepreneur or like all of those fabulous business missions. These presentations often guarantee noble intentions about unfailing quality and faultless services, but unfortunately, they are hardly ever maintained.

It may seem like I am disregarding my entire cultural background, or perhaps even ignoring all of those Marketing Theories I was dedicated to throughout my university studies. But those debated Total Quality and Certification theories are often discussions limited to the institutional level. Marketing theory is something everyone talks about, yet only a few have ever savored its true essence. Marketing theory is not just about promising. Rather, it is inspiring for both developing new goals and also in attaining them, without loosing those benefits that are gained by a business's reduced size and long history of experience, and simultaneously, also without loosing sight of those ordinary goals that seem bounded to more simple and operative activities.

For those reasons, because Gnutti Bortolo Srl is primarily composed of people, and not just capitals, it does not promise infallible products and services.

It is with this same modest, rational principle that the people at Gnutti Bortolo Srl aim to grow professionally, yet proportionally. Each day, we search for ways to improve not only the company's products and services, but also its approach to customer relationships. We strive to fulfill our customers' needs, search for new services, listen to complaints, and reward customers. Gnutti Bortolo Srl has continually accomplished these goals while never losing sight of those same loyalty and reliability principles that have characterized its activity from 1937 to the present.

Our business has maintained relationships with particular suppliers and customers over several decades. These enduring relationships are evidence of the strength and reliability of a typical small, Italian business that, despite any obstacles and skills, enjoys its fourth generation of success and maintains a renewed wish to continually grow and improve.

The fourth generation