In all that we do, our goal is to offer high quality products to our valued Customers and to sustain a stable and efficient structure of services.
We welcome you to discover the quality of our services and inform us if you have questions, need assistance, or are dissatisfied. We strongly believe that through the Client voice, we can improve and refine our supply business.

With Gnutti Bortolo Srl you can find:

  • About 20000 items in stock and ready for you to select in our on-line catalog
  • Complete paper catalog: 900 pages of products and technical information
  • Quick procurement services for those items not available in stock
  • Estimates within 24 hours
  • Multiple and easy ordering methods
  • Different invoicing options
  • One exclusive expert that covers all different departments
  • Technical support from manufacturers
  • Free chemical analysis on the products we supply
  • Repair Electric and pneumatic tools damage repair
  • Cutting tools sharpening

Ordering options

Gnutti Bortolo Srl works hard to make your order and delivery process quick and easy.
Choose the method you prefer:

  • order on-line, right after you've been registered and require the specific qualify to order
  • send an email at any time of the day and the night right from your desk;
  • come visit us in our store at 34 Monsuello Rd. in Lumezzane, Bs during the following business hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-12PM / 1.30-6.30 PM, Saturday 8AM-12PM.

Gnutti Bortolo Srl also guarantees delivery within 48 hours for items ready in stock through its own means, carriers, or customer's carrier.
In case we need to pay for delivery, there will be a small shipping charge as a contribute to carriage. See carriage in terms and Conditions.

Thanks to stable trade relationships with over 300 suppliers, we are also quick in procuring goods that are not already in stock. We require a written request before by email.

Invoicing options

Through the delivery note, Gnutti Bortolo Srl offers purchasing clearness also for small amounts as well as the possibility of having just one monthly payment, beyond the initial invoice.
The summing up monthly invoice, with net 30-days-end of month payment on approved open accounts, is the method used for solid customers that purchase our products regularly.
The minimal amount for the monthly invoice is 80 €, under which the "low import expenses" will be charged: with an amount up to 52 €, the expenses will be 5 € and from 52 to 79 €, expenses will be 4 €.
Of course, these expenses are not charged if you chose Immediate or Accompaining Invoice with payment in advance or on delivery. In the store, we also accept cash or credit cards.

The monthly invoice is normally sent by email punctually on the last day of the month.