The only warranties applied to products we sell are those specifically provided by the manufacturer.

As sellers, we do visual and not dimensional checks on goods and we make no warranties, expressed or implied, of performance, merchantability, workmanship, quality, durability, or suitability, including those instances where changes, alterations or modifications are made in materials at the request or instruction of the purchasers.

In no events shall we be liable for any incidental, special, or consequential damages of any nature.
Our obligation is limited to the repair or replacement of defective parts or, at our sole option, to refund the purchase price.
The value of the defective product or material sent in error is our only liability: a full refund will be given, subject to our inspection and communication with the manufacturer, for any defective item returned within 20 days from the delivery date.
All technical data has been supplied by the manufacturer and is listed as only a convenience.

About Volatile Organic Compound materials: you are pleased encouraged to consult the updated laws of your product destination area. For those products that require particular use parameters, Gnutti Bortolo Srl provides Material Safety Data Sheets, please require it.


For every dispute, the "Foro di Brescia" is the qualified and suitable legal forum.


The entire Gnutti Bortolo Srl staff work torward setting and improving the accurancy of the information on this web site products and services.
Gnutti Bortolo Srl is not responsible for any imprecision related to the web site information.
This web site doesn't have a real time linkage to stock availability and even if we work hard to keep the on-line catalogue updated, the order confirmation will be the document to rely on for the goods final availability and delivery time.

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