Sales conditions

Gnutti Bortolo Srl has been on the Industrial Distribution Market since 1937, working hard to offer its Customers a mix of quality products and correct prices, and supporting customers through a solid services structure.
Therefore: Why not become one of our Customers?

To become Gnutti Bortolo Srl customer, you simply fill and send out the registration form, after which you will be contacted directly by email or telephone. To simplify the opening account process, we appriciate trade and bank references or contacts with firms with whom we regularly do business. Registering is reserved to businesses or VAT registration number owners.

Minimum order

Minimum order is 50€, taxes and shipping charges not included.

Carriage conditions

It is possible to receive the goods in carriage paid or carriage forward if the Customer expressly ask to use his reliable carrier. If carriage paid, GB ships with its carrie and require a minimum of 8 € as a freight contribution, that depends upon the weight, dimension and destination of the goods, plus eventual Cash-on-delivery charges.


On first purchase we require advanced payment or payment upon delivery. From the second order, in order to ask for an extended payment, it is necessary to give bank references.

The summing up monthly invoice, with net 30-days-end of month payment on approved open accounts, is the method that is usually applied to solid customers that regularly purchase.
The minimal amount for the monthly invoice is 80 €, under which the low import expenses will be charged €5.
Of course, these expenses are not charged if you chose Immediate or Accompaining Invoice with payment in advance or on delivery. In the store, we also accept cash or credit cards.

Once expired the estabilished payment term, Gnutti Bortolo Srl will charge interests on the whole delay payment, basing the calculation on interest rate estabilished by Italian law D.L. 9th of October, 2002, number 231.

Since we do not consider ourselves large consumption goods sellers, but rather industrial goods and services sellers, our goal is not the single transaction with the immediate payment. Our desire is to create long term relationships with Clients, based on mutual trust, for which there would not exist any payment upon delivery or invoicing expenses, but extended payment and personal discounts. Furthermore, we are aware that to reach this kind of trade relationship, time and fairness are necessary to demonstrate to each other our own business philosophy reliability.

Price changing and selling conditions

Clients must be businesses or VAT registration number owners.
The prices are subject to quantity or order amount discounts, which can be applied to registered customers that make regular purchases. When the registration is completed you can take a look at our discount tables. In case of required carriage paid, it will be a small charge as a carriage contribution.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
Gnutti Bortolo Srl reserves the right to impose purchase restrictions or limits at any time for insolvent customers.

Damaged or lost shipments

Customers should check orders upon arrivals: damages must be immediately communicated. Gnutti Bortolo Srl is not liable for delay or damage related to carriers or other major causes, like Acts of God.

Returned or to repair goods policy

Basic condition is the returne-goods document.
We accept returned goods only if they are unaltered, in their original packaging and utilized just for testing production defects, within 20 days from date of shipment.

Regarding chemical products, the warranty is sustained by free chemical analysis and by the technical producers' support, who intervene in case of necessity.
We do not accept returned goods or and defective goods without documents and claim form filled up complete of:

  • item code
  • date of purchasing
  • accurate defect description

Gnutti Bortolo Srl cares about repairs for Electric and Pneumatic tools it sells. Please ask for Repair procedure to follow, before shipping any goods that needs to be repaired.