Universal electronic scraper BL40

Cod. 92009
Universal electronic scraper BL40

Universal electronic scraper BIAX BL40 for roughing, finishing and fine finishing. Used wherever scraping work is required: construction of large machines, machine tools, turbines, pumps and motors, measuring instruments, plates and templates for the detection of contact impressions, repair of machines, etc. Equipment: carbon brushes set, key for ruling stroke, key for changing tool, tool-case.

Code: 92009
Brand: Biax
Category: Scrapers and engravers
Type: Scrapers
GB Code UM Description
92009040 NR SCRAPERS BL40 230V BIAX code 200040130 **
data sheet Universal electronic scraper BL40
GB Code Description
92105 Blade for scraping
92115 Toolholder for scraping plates
92119 Plates for scraping

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